The Ohr Torah approach to Chinuch is wholesome, dynamic, enriching and nurturing. It is a great fit for many children. Our program provides students with a joyful, positive school atmosphere and a strong sense of community. We follow closely to the words of Chazal: “Chanoch l’naar al pi darko” (educate a child according to his way). We work diligently to tap in to each child’s gifts, intelligences and leadership abilities. We strive to truly understand each child’s most effective learning methods and focus on strengthening all areas of their development. We continuously challenge students so that they internalize the messages that the greatest reward for overcoming a challenge is the opportunity to overcome the next challenge, and that incredible things can be accomplished when working together. In doing this, our students are actively building their positive leadership skills and their spiritual connection with Hakadosh Baruchu. At OTC students are on a path of continuously developing their personal greatness, and developing the power of community!


Dr. Chaviva Randolph, Psy.D.
Head of School

Anonymous Parent

I love the self-awareness you foster in the children. I also cannot stop thinking about how in tune and supportive the teachers have been to all the kids.

Mark Kirschner

The dedication of the leadership, teachers, and staff toward the ideals of the schools. The first-rate quality of the education that is being delivered. The attention to detail with respect to identifying the approach for each child.

Penina Heigh

The OTC teaching has a handle on the child’s understanding of the material and guiding the children in a stress-free way to absorb the most possible from their education. It makes the education relevant to the child so that the child is interested and feels enriched by the material that they are taught.

Leila Kibel

I remember feeling ownership and pride in my work as a child and an adolescent. I did always strive for excellence. I have taught for many years and had always been disappointed in the decline in the responsibility of today’s youth. Being a parent and a teacher at OTC has restored my faith in education.

Aaron Freed

We chose Ohr Torah because the leadership has a genuine commitment to secular and Judaic education at a very high level. Additionally, it was an opportunity to have our child progress through the Montessori system, which we feel is a superior way for our child to learn experientially and at a pace commensurate with her abilities.