Welcome to Ohr Torah

Thank you for your interest in Ohr Torah Cincinnati, an Orthodox Jewish day school in Cincinnati. For almost 8 years, OTC has provided its students with a premier Judaic Studies and General Studies education with its world-class integrated curriculum in a vibrant, supportive environment that supports whole-child development.

OTC’s academic programs range from toddler through eighth grade. We encourage you to learn more about OTC’s many offerings by signing up for a school tour and contacting Erin Hill at (513) 599-4002. or ehill@ohrtorahcincinnati.org.

All applicants for OTC’s Early Childhood School, Elementary School, and Middle School must apply online.

Fees and Tuition

Every Jewish family’s contribution assures our community’s vibrant future. OTC recognizes the investment our families make in providing a Jewish day school education for their children.

For questions related to fees and tuition, please contact our Business Office at (513)-351-1482.