Welcome to Ohr Torah, a Jewish Day School in Cincinnati, Ohio providing students from toddlers through grade seven with a joyful, positive school atmosphere and a strong sense of community. Ohr Torah strives to to truly understand each child’s most effective learning methods and focus on strengthening all areas of their development. We continuously challenge students so that they internalize the messages that the greatest reward for overcoming a challenge is the opportunity to overcome the next challenge, and that incredible things can be accomplished when working together. In doing this, our students are actively building their positive leadership skills and their spiritual connection with Hakadosh Baruchu. At OTC students are on a path of continuously developing their personal greatness, and developing the power of community!


Application Process

  • Schedule a parent tour
  • Submit an application.
  • Schedule a student visit (for applicants k through grade 7)
  • Receive admission notification & commitment to enroll from Ohr Tour
  • Submit your EdChoice Application
  • Receive Tuition Contract and apply for financial aid if applicable

Click here to apply for the 2020-2021 School Year!