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On November 21, 2021 Ohr Torah of Cincinnati hosted a  Historic Chanukah Presentation “Chanukah in Real-Time” that took our community back over two and one half centuries. The presentation was made by the curator of the Living Torah Museum, Rabbi Shaul Dovid Deustch. Rabbi Deutsch brought many of the museum artifacts for people to hold, see, and touch and share some of his vast knowledge of Jewish history.

The presentation brought to life Jewish observance during the second Bais Hamikdash and offered fascinating facts and explanations about the period of the Chasmonaem (Maccabees). Community and students got to participate in many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities,

  • Holding and spinning a dreidel that predates the Chanukah story!
  • Holding the oldest Chanukah menorah in the world, one that was lit when the holiday of Chanukah was first celebrated.
  • Saw coins minted by Antiochis and stamped with his picture.