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This week’s Parnas HaYom Program sponsor is the Bernstein Family, in honor of their son’s 8th Birthday! מזל טוב

On behalf of your OTC Family, we wish you and your family a Good Shabbos!

Hakaras Hatov

Ms. Hochberg for sharing her story of survival with the students as well as bringing in delicious cookies to share with the staff!

Thank you to the Perelmuter family for providing the Pre-primary children with the snack basket!

Thank you to the Kessler-Isaac family for providing the food prep basket for the Pre-primary children.

Thank you to the Kibel family for providing the sharing basket for the
Lower Elementary students!

Thank you to the Levy family for providing the snack basket for the Upper Elementary students!

To Mrs. Yudin for suggesting we create a Parnas HaYom Program for OTC!

Mr. Benzaquen for bringing a delicious cake down from Matt’s Bakery in Columbus for the Boy’s Mishnayos Presentation this past Sunday!

Mrs. Charron for purchasing and potting beautiful flowers for OTC’s front entrance!

Thank you to our set-up crew: Mr. DavisRabbi Perelmuter, and Mr. Randolph.

Mr. Rabenstein for donating tons of extra esrogim for our classrooms!

Important Dates

10/31 – 7:30pm, Surprise out-of-town special guest speaker for adults! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for the reveal!

Looking Ahead

11/1 – No School – re-scheduled Staff Professional Development Day

11/8 – School is on – cancelled Staff Professional Development Day

11/13 – Parent Education Night – an amazing journey through Montessori Math from Pre-Primary through Upper Elementary! 7:15-8:15pm.

11/21-23 – No School – Thanksgiving Break… we will miss you and your children!

Parnas HaYom Program

Ohr Torah Cincinnati would like to introduce our Parnas HaYom Program. By sponsoring a week of learning through the Parnas HaYom Program, school partners, friends, parents and grandparents are given a special opportunity to honor a grandchild’s birthday, Bar or Bas Mitzvah celebration, memorialize a Yahrzeit, Siyum, or other special occasion.

The Parnas HaYom Program was established in honor of Bubby Kirschner, the beloved mother of Moshe Kirschner. Bubby Kirschner has a deep love and admiration for children, learning & Yiddishkeit.

Each dedication is proudly displayed at the front of each classroom for the entire week, and all participants receive a special letter notifying them of the honor they have received. Each sponsor is encouraged to bring in or send in any photos, or share special memories about whomever is being honored. Please contact Gailya Sanders Director of Development to become a sponsor or visit our informational page.

OTC After School Extracurriculars

Classes will begin starting the week of October 15. No activities the weeks of Thanksgiving (11/19-20) or Chanukah (12/3-10). For Acting and Krav Maga, bring the check the first class.

Children should bring a water bottle, snack, and appropriate clothing.

For questions, please contact Galit Benzaquen (513-833-1629).


Acting for 1-5th grade
8 classes $80
Contact To Register:


Science – 1-5th grade
5 classes $70
Register Online:


Krav Maga – 1-5th grade
7 classes $70
Contact To Register: