A day at Ohr Torah is regularly filled with energy, excitement, and creativity.  Throughout the day, students are engaged in meaningful projects that intrigue and invigorate their sense of curiosity and discovery.  Whether it be the depth of learning to master a blatt of gemara in the Beis Midrash, the wonder of discovery in sciences and math, or the camaraderie of collaboration through projects students are continually challenged to make connections in their learning and grow as individuals. As OTC continues to expand, we are proud to invite you, our cherished extended family, to dedicate a day of learning through our Parnas Hayom Program.

A Parnas can choose to dedicate the day to commemorate a yahrzeit, highlight a simcha in your family, or for a refuah shleimah.

  • Daily Dedication: Minimum Contribution of $180. Learning will be dedicated on the day of your choice.
  • Weekly Dedication: Minimum Contribution of $500.  Learning will be dedicated for the week of your choice.
  • Permanent Dedication: Minimum Contribution of $1800. Learning will be dedicated every year on the date you provide.   Permanent dedications are a wonderful way to mark the occasion of a yahrtzeit.

Dedications will be announced at morning Tefila so that the students will know for whom their learning is dedicated and an email will be sent out with all the dedications announced for that day or week.

Please consider supporting Ohr Torah Cincinnati by participating in this very meaningful program. To donate click the “donate” button above and complete the process through PayPal. Checks are also accepted and can be out to “Ohr Torah Cincinnati,” and mailed to:

ATTN Business Office
Ohr Torah Cincinnati
4131 Matson Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45236

In the zchut of your tzedakah and of our children’s Torah learning, may you and your family be blessed with good health, happiness, and much nachas.