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On behalf of your OTC Family, we wish you and your family a Good Shabbos!

Hakaras HaTov

Mr. Rantz, Mr. Benzaquen, Mr. Davis, and Mr. Randolph for the many projects, including putting together a desk, reading nook, shelves, tables, and hanging our Ohr Torah sign. We really appreciate your efforts, time and talents!

Mrs. Rantz and Mrs. Charron for helping Ms. Sanders assemble the Sukkos gifts from OTC.

The Kirschner Family for the delicious almonds!

Today’s Davening and “Day of Learning” was sponsored by the Kirschner Family, L’Zecher Nishmas, CHaim Meri Ben Zev Wolf.

May his Neshama have an Aliyah!

Looking Ahead

10/1 – 10/3 – Sukkos Break, No School

10/4 – School Resumes

10/8 – 10/12 – State Level Attendance Week!

From October 8-12, prompt and on-time attendance will be even more important. We encourage parents to be on time throughout the year, but this week will be monitored closely to determine State and Federal funding for the 2019-2020 school year.

Side Note

There are a few families missing paperwork. Our staff have sent out communications. In order to ensure that every student is up to date for the 2018-2019 school year, please reply to those communications.

See you Monday!