Ohr Torah Administration

Dr. Chaviva Randolph, Head of School 

Kathy Farfsing, Director of Learning and Growth/Assistant Head of School

Erin Hill, Director of Business Operations & Development

Leila Kibel, Director of Judaic Studies & Logistics

Julie Torem, Office Manager

Aliza Brand, Community Engagement Coordinator

Ohr Torah Educators

Student Services

Matilda Abramov, Social Worker

Arielle Heigh, Judaics Intervention Specialist

Brittney Gladman, Intervention Specialist

Toddler Gan

Mashi Friedman, Toddler Gan Judaic Studies Lead Teacher

Kristy Chen, Toddler Gan General Studies Lead Teacher 


Yiddes Bidnick, Pre-Priary Judaic Studies Lead Teacher

Melina Braun, Pre-Primary General Studies Lead Teacher 

Miriam Landon, Pre-Priary Judaic Studies Lead Teacher

Jen Stoker, Pre-Primary General Studies Assistant


Lower Elementary

Leila Kibel, Lower Elementary Judaic Studies Lead Teacher 

Rabbi Noah Kunin, Lower Elementary Judaic Studies Rebbe

Rabbi Yoel Lenefsky, Lower Elementary Judaic Studies Rebbe

Caitlin Murray, Lower Elementary General Studies Assistant


Upper Elementary Girls/Middle School Girls  

Melissa Hoke, Middle School Girls General Studies Teacher 

Ruti Kunin, Upper Elementary Girls Judaic Studies Lead Teacher

Chelsea Milligan, Upper Elementary Girls General Studies Lead Teacher 

Upper Elementary Boys 

Rabbi Bentzie Brand, Upper Elementary Boys Judaic Studies Teacher

Rabbi Zev Meisels, Upper Elementary Boys Judaic Studies Rebbe

Jason Waters, Upper Elementary Boys General Studies Lead Teacher 


Middle School Boys

Melissa Hoke, Middle School Boys General Studies Teacher 

Rabbi Moshe Kibel, Eighth Grade Boys Rebbe