Rabbi Zev Meisels
Rabbi Zev Meisels
Director of Upper Elementary Judiacs and Lead Judaics Rebbe


Rabbi Zev Meisels’ educational career began upon his birth to parents of the post-WWII era, committed to reviving the fire of Torah in America. His father miraculously escaped Nazi Germany bringing along a lifelong mission of rebuilding what he had seen destroyed. He was a pioneer in the creation of Judaic curriculum, workbooks, and teaching aids, in a Jewish America replete of Jewish educational material and methodology. He inspired his children with that mission. Rabbi Meisels received Smicha from Telshe Yeshiva and headed an Iranian Refugee Program in Chicago during the post revolution years. He was a classroom Rebbe in Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi – Chicago for 15 years and then moved up to educational administration for 24 years. During those years he served as the director of Pirchei Day Camp in Chicago and then as the Director of Camp Agudah Midwest. The camping experiences added a special flavor of Simcha to his chinuch style.

Rabbi Meisels is a graduate of the three year training program, The Torah Umesorah Senior Leadership Fellowship Program, and has mentored principals and given workshops for Torah Umesorah.

Rabbi Meisels is known for his light and Simchadik style which infuses a love of Judaism and Torah into the students.

Professional Experience

  • Ohr Torah Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH
    Lead Judaics Rebbe
  • Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi Academy; Chicago, IL