Welcome to the new year! We are so excited to see the smiling faces of all our current students, and to extend a warm welcome to so many new families! It is so incredible to see our Ohr Torah family grow year after year and we hope to make our Fifth Year better than the last!

For Parents of New OTC Elementary Students

You must have on file, before school begins, the following:

  • OTC Registration Form
  • OTC Child Medical Statement, complete with a record of your child's up-to-date immunizations
  • Copy of your child's birth certificate
  • Proof of residency (this can be in the form of a mortgage or lease agreement, or a utility bill such as a gas & electric bill)
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Emergency Medical Authorization Form
  • Previous Academic Records Request Form
  • Permission Form for Prescribed Medication (if your child must receive prescription medication during the school day or has special medical needs such as allergies)

These forms may be completed and brought dropped off at the school office between 9-3 weekdays, mailed to Ohr Torah Cincinnati, 6442 Stover Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45237, or turned in at Popsicle Pop-In. They may also be scanned and returned via email.

For All Parents

1. In order to determine if Ohr Torah Cincinnati will receive federal ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) Title I funds for reading and/or mathematics next year, certain information is needed. Please complete this form and return it to OTC immediately. One form should be completed for each child in your family. Thank you in advance for your help.

2. Lice Check: You may have a form completed by your physician at a child well-check. If not, we will perform these at our “Popsicle Pop-in” event on August 27. Details of that event to follow. 🙂