Inspiring Future Leaders of Klal Yisroel

An Ohr Torah Cincinnati education is a gift of growth that will empower and inspire your children to shine throughout their lives!


Where an Age Old Approach to Chinuch Becomes New Again

Ohr Torah Cincinnati is an Orthodox Jewish day school located in Cincinnati, Ohio serving 18 months through eighth grade. OTC’s wholesome chinuch teaches the whole child, striving to understand their child’s most effective learning methods and focus on strengthening all areas of their development. For us, there is no greater job and no greater joy than children reaching new heights in their learning, in their connections, in their confidence, and in their process of becoming! Our dedicated team seeks to empower students with the skills they need to be able to learn on their own and think for themselves in both Limudei Kodesh and secular studies. Meaningful accomplishments each year lay the foundations for success in the next year and beyond. At OTC students are on a path of continuously developing their personal greatness and developing the power of community!

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The OTC teaching has a handle on the child’s understanding of the material and guides the children in a stress-free way to absorb the most possible from their education. It makes the education relevant to the child so that the child is interested and feels enriched by the material that they are taught.

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