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The OTC Story

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Who We Are

Ohr Torah Cincinnati is an Orthodox Jewish day school located in Cincinnati, Ohio serving 18 months through eighth grade. OTC’s wholesome chinuch teaches the whole child, striving to understand their most effective learning methods and focus on strengthening all areas of their development.

Our Mission

Ohr Torah Cincinnati’s mission is to empower and inspire Jewish children to live fulfilling and joyful lives and to develop into diligent, competent life-long learners and leaders who are deeply devoted to Yiddishkeit and who make positive and meaningful contributions to the World and Klal Yisroel!

Our Chinuch

Our dedicated team seeks to empower students with the skills they need to be able to learn on their own and think for themselves in both Kodesh and secular studies. Our world-class teachers educate each student in a nurturing Torahdik environment.  They instill in their students a genuine enthusiasm for Yiddishkeit, and a lasting commitment to family, community and Klal Yisroel.  Students gain skills to become positive leaders and lifelong learners,   They help each student chart their unique path in Avodas Hashem. At OTC students are on a path of continuously developing their personal greatness, and developing the power of community! Each child feels empowered and learns how rewarding it feels to be challenged and accomplish things on their own!

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